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Vietnam’s safest internationally recognized dive operator for day trip, try dives and scuba diving courses, with the most qualified diving instructor in Vietnam We have been operating since 10 years with an International team of multilingual Instructors. We continue to set and raise the standards in Vietnam and we have the most experienced dive master and instructor’s team in Vietnam. Our team doesn’t have only one certification but multiple dive agencies certification. For example, our instructors are certified WORLD DIVERS, PADI, RAID, NDL, SSI, SDI, TDI and PDIC which are all recognize worldwide and member of the ISTC, EUF and WRSTC.

Our Instructors and Divemaster are also certified as Medic First Aid, Be Prepared, Respond Right as well as Emergency First Response (EFR) provider and instructors level for your safety.

ScubaDive Vietnam was ranked 6th “worldwide” (2016 ranking) with the globally recognized environmental program GREEN FINS. We are proud to be associated with GREEN FINS and deliver the best responsible diving in Vietnam and the top 10 world wide.

ScubaDive Vietnam is also a DAN Supporter. (Diver Alert Network).

We supporting DEEPBLU online community and our divers use the online logbook provided by DEEPBLU

For Safer and Better Diving,
Our Instructor Training makes the Difference.

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